My take – Interview with a Vampire remake

You may or may not be aware of all the online chatter lately regarding an Interview with a Vampire remake. Anne’s son, Christopher is penning the script. Such chatter inevitably leads to casting conversations, and at times, debates. Josh Boone, writer/director, made his opinion on the matter of Lestat quite clear on Twiiter.


I completely agree with Mr. Boone!! The possibility of seeing Jared as Lestat is almost too exciting for my brain to contemplate. And it is perfect casting. After all, Jared stopped aging decades ago! Just hit up Google for proof if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, thinking about Lestat got me thinking about Louis. I personally loved Brad Pitt as Louis in the original movie starring Tom Cruise so it took me awhile to mentally cast someone new. HOWEVER, inspiration struck. BEN BARNES. Did you see him as Dorian Gray? If not, do yourself a favor. The entire time I was watching the movie I kept thinking, “this kid should play a vampire!” So why not play Louis?

Just imagine…..



Oscar fashion – my take

Now that the most glamorous night in Hollywood is over, I decided to share my favorite looks of the night. To be honest, I felt the majority of looks lacked the drama I want from the Oscars. A lot of gowns would have looked more at home at the Golden Globes. Lovely but a tad too understated.

At any rate, a few actresses got it very right in my opinion:

My absolute favorite of the night goes to Rooney Mara in Givenchy. What can I say? This gown is like a modern Victorian/Edwardian masterpiece and Rooney is the perfect dark princess to wear it. I’m in lust.

rooney givency

Another favorite of mine was Jennifer Garner who looked absolutely STUNNING in classic black by Versace.

jen versace

Next we have Rachel McAdams in August Getty Altelier. It’s a simple gown but the color is breathtaking and it photographed a different shade of green in almost every photo. A true peacock effect, if you ask me. And can we talk about that train? And how amazing she looks IN the gown??

rachel august getty atelier