My Favorites – Vampire edition

I thought it would be fun to feature some of my favorite vampires in media over the next few days. What better place to start than with my TOP 3 portrayals of male vampires from TV or Film.

# 3 – Kraven of Underworld (portrayed by Shane Brolly)


Yes, yes, I know he’s technically the bad vampire in this film, given his pact with the Lycans and his power hungry ways, BUT I can’t help being fascinated each time he’s on camera. He’s visually perfect as the dark, brooding vampire and it’s a shame he was never given his own origin story film. You just know this guy comes with a heck of a lot of baggage and I’d love to see more of him. 😉

# 2 – Elijah Mikaelson of The Originals (portrayed by Daniel Gillies)


Every move he makes, every word he speaks, every time he shoots his cuffs after tearing out a heart, I swoon. He is perfection w/fangs.

# 1 – Henry Fitzroy of Bloodties (portrayed by Kyle Schmid)

henry fitz

I looooooove Henry! I bemoan the loss of the show daily. No joke. What’s not to love about a vampire who is ALL vampire. He goes out at night. He sleeps with his food. He’s the bastard son of Henry VIII….seriously, my ideal vampire. Nuff said.

Leave a comment below to tell me who your favorites are!