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Kate Lasco isn’t searching for love. Far from it. After receiving the final rejection in a years’ long quest to adopt a child, she finds herself driving aimlessly around on a rainy night, questioning every aspect of her life. What’s a single, almost thirty, werewolf to do with a crushed dream? Then she encounters an equally lonely stranger standing in the rain on the side of the road. One night of passion awakens her wolf and seals her Fate.

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My Favorites – Vampire edition pt3

It’s all about the HUNTER today. Yes, I know, as a vampire author it’s a bit traitorous for me to celebrate the hunter but when they’re as FINE as the following, can you really blame me?

Lady Jayne played by Victoria Smurfit in NBC’s Dracula

dracula vic smurfit

OK, first let’s talk about this woman’s wardrobe! Not only did she kick major vampire ass AND manage to bed Dracula, she looked damn fierce whilst doing it! I tip my hat to you, Lady Jayne, and state for the record this show should have received a second season. Completely unacceptable that it was cancelled.

Van Helsing played by Hugh Jackman

van helsing

Yes, yes, I know everyone claims to have hated this movie. Some of them have to be lying. Why? Well, ’tis simple. You have HUGH JACKMAN looking AMAZING in leather with his romance hero hair and you have Kate Beckinsale by his side being her usual breathtaking self. The effects were decent. The plot more than watchable (there are Dracula babies. What more do you need?) I will admit, I did not like the ending, nor did I care for this particular Dracula, but all that aside, I liked Van Helsing A LOT.

Derek Bliss played by Jon Bon Jovi in Vampires Los Muertos

los muertos

I admit, the cheese factor was high in this movie. The effects questionable. The acting…eh. Do I care? NO. It’s freakin’ JON BON JOVI chasing vampires. Not sure what else I require in life.


My Favorites – Vampire edition pt2

It’s all about creatures today! Can you tell I have a thing for human-sized bats?

Bela from Hotel Transylvania 2


As if the Hotel Transylvania movies weren’t perfect enough, they give us this majestic creature in the sequel. I demand a Bela movie!

Marcus from Underworld 2

marcus underworld

It makes me wonder if Viktor (the elder from the first movie) also has a bat form….

Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time

marceline bat

Seeing this for the first time was a “what the heck” moment. LOL



A week in review

Whew! It’s so hard to believe that a week ago Descent Into Darkness was released! For those of you who have already read it, thank you. For anyone who hasn’t and would like to, you can find purchase links on my website.

new release banner

If you have time and inclination, please think about leaving a review. Not for my benefit, though I do enjoy knowing your thoughts, but mostly for those contemplating whether or not they would enjoy Descent Into Darkness. Goodreads and Amazon are good places to leave a review. Here are the links:

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Aside from releasing Descent, I’ve been hard at work on the follow-up story, Chloe’s Surrender. In it, we catch up with Victor nearly 100 yrs after Descent Into Darkness. Needless to say, his life has gone through some changes. I’m enjoying creating the story and I hope, once it’s out there, you enjoy it too. In addition, I’m also mentally plotting a book to follow Chloe’s Surrender. Tentatively titled, Dark Embrace. I think that’s all I will say about that for now 😉

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Happy reading and stay vampy! – L

Descent Into Darkness – Inspiration

We authors are a visual lot, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying, it helps fuel the imagination to look at pretty things whilst plotting. Here’s a glimpse at what I used as inspiration for the world of Descent Into Darkness. But do keep in mind, the story is yours once you become the reader. Which means you are free to “see” whatever you desire within the pages of the story.


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